How To Avoid The Biggest Mistake 8 Out Of 10 People Make When Choosing A Photographer:

Some people make the mistake of selecting their photographer without researching what they’re really getting for their money. At Stacey’s, you always get much more than you pay for. That’s what true value is. And it’s why our studio continues to grow, year after year. For example, when you call for your appointment at Stacey Studio, a team of experts will be there from your very first call right through the delivery of your finished order. They are fanatics about getting everything perfect, the first time. You’ll be amazed at their skill and friendliness. Right after your date is scheduled, you’ll receive a Welcome Package in the mail that tells you everything you’ll need to know about getting ready for your consultation and/or session. You’ll know exactly what to expect.

Nothing Left To Chance.

Everything you’ll need to know about preparing for your appointment is included in your Welcome Package. We want you to be completely prepared, so that you feel comfortable when you arrive. But the service doesn’t stop there. Our phone lines (330-533-7795 or 1-800-STACEYS) are open any time for any questions you might have as you’re getting ready. We would never leave anything to chance for an event as important as this. Because if you feel good, you’ll look great!

Portrait Creation Fees

Our Creation (or Session) Fees vary depending on your needs. The Session charge includes the Design Consultation and the previewing of the chosen portrait location (when necessary), and the creation of the original images. All Sessions are prepaid to reserve your time in our schedule, and range from $47.50 to $395. Session Fees do not include any portraits, but do include the best satisfaction guarantee you’ll find anywhere!

Collections & Specials

Exceptional Values.

At Stacey Studio, you are in total control of your investment. Not only do you determine the styles and quantities of poses you want for your session, but you also determine the exact number of finished portraits you will need. There are no minimum orders, no required packages of any kind. So if you only need one portrait, you can get just one. If you need one hundred and one, that’s OK too. It’s really that easy.

Lots of Choices.

Gift portraits are available individually from $40 to $400 for 8x10’s (depending on quantity and custom craftsmanship) and $30 to $300 for 5x7’s. You can also choose from collections that start at $165 and go up to $1925. So you see, your choices are many; the flexibility is unlimited. Finishing guides with listings of our current specials are available at the time of your session. Because photography is so customized for each individual and because of the specialized nature of photography itself, there are literally dozens of ways to offer finished portraits. Our staff is trained to use their knowledge of products and offers to help you customize your finished collection and get the most for your investment. Most of our clients invest between $600 and $900 (Creation Fee included) and get a wall portrait for themselves with some gift portraits for friends and family. Special Events are a wonderful way to come more often without as much of an investment; most clients invest between $200 and $400 for event portraits. If you have any questions about portrait prices or specials, please do not hesitate to ask. We’re here to help!

No Hidden Costs.

Included in every Stacey portrait at no extra cost are important things you pay extra for (or aren’t even available) at other studios – such as mounting of each portrait to artboard for increased durability and application of a very tough acrylic finish for protection against the elements. Also, each image is inspected under color-corrected lights to make sure every portrait is perfect, even down to the wallets. At Stacey Studio, we firmly believe that our success is rooted in the belief that quality counts. Quality does not go out of style. It costs less in the long run, and is always appreciated by those who know the difference.

Incredible Guarantee.

This exceptional value is worth nothing if you’re not happy with your portraits. This is where Stacey Studio really shines, because we don’t rest until you’re satisfied. Our guarantee is the best in the business. Our artists and printers are the best in the business. And Stacey’s stands behind our creative ability and over thirty years’ experience to bring you quality portraits combined with unmatched service. It’s the Stacey Studio way!

Our Iron-Clad, 100% No Hassle, No Excuses EVER Guarantee

We want you to be completely thrilled with your portraits. Together we have invested considerable time, effort & expense in their creation. Therefore, you deserve the very finest work possible. If for any reason you are unhappy with your Portrait Originals, we will make additional poses to your liking at no cost to you, ever! PLUS, if your finished portraits aren’t as you expected them to be, we will make new ones for you at no additional charge. We earn our reputation one client at a time – with quality, service and timeliness as our hallmarks.

We appreciate your confidence in us.

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